Kerry B. - Office Manager/Records Mgt.

After studying business administration, Mrs. B. fell into federal contracting at the George Washington University of Professional Studies, Mrs. B. was exposed to future Public Relations employer and clients who include 69th Governor, Mark Warner of VA, Former House Minority Whip and Sheryl W. Stapleton, D-Albuquerque.  As an independent fundraising consultant, Mrs. B. travelled across the country for several years working for some extraordinary organizations.

In late 2012, Mrs. B had a personal desire to give back to the traumatic brain injury community. That opportunity presented itself and she began work in an administrative position under the Mentor Network.  Mrs. B. was quickly promoted to Regional Human Resources Coordinator for Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.   

A few years later, Mrs. B. became an entrepreneur and business partner to MagniGripz.  Mrs. B. credits the success of their growth to the fact that she understood the pressure and needs to multitask the many demands she faced.  Mrs. B. is driven by the quote, “finding your entrepreneurial spirit and making it strong is more important than the idea or business you are developing.”

As part of a military family Mrs. B. had the opportunity to travel across the U.S. twice.  She now calls Maryland home where she resides with her incredible husband and aspiring two children.

Mrs. B. has a love for all things that are neat and orderly and that is what she brought to all organizations she has ever worked for.  She is experienced in helping companies fundraise; integrate systems; execute marketing strategies such as social networking and fundraising.  So when she shared an elevator ride with a representative of Housen Health Services, she became excited to learn of an open position with the organization.  Housen Health Services' needs matched the qualities she possessed.  It seemed inevitable that she would be offered a position with the Laurel office where she's worked since 2016.


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